Thursday, May 14, 2009

hi, it's me...

random thoughts:

*Use a small mesh laundry bag to keep baby socks from getting lost/eaten by the washing machine/dryer...wish I would have done this ages ago

*Kendall is sleeping through the night...most nights...I find myself a little sad as she is my that strange?I know a few of you may be cursing me right about now...don't hate! (Speaking of, Spencer asked Daddy to write his name in "curse" the other day...cursive!) :-)

*Didn't watch Grey's yet tonight....reading, doing laundry, staying up waaay too late....don't ruin any spoilers for me!

*reading some interesting new books...more like skimming...don't have much time lately....

*no news yet on my job sitch for next year...still hoping a better position will open up for moi! I've always been "lucky" in jobs and get the ones I want, so hopefully my luck will continue!

*In Iceland, they don't like to eat "ugly" food (they used to throw lobsters back into the sea), but they do eat yucky food...rotten shark, anyone? Gleaned these from a book I'm reading...see my goodreads link on the left.

*Trying to decide what book to buy with my amazon gift certificate....I'm been getting most of my books from the library, so it's a big deal to actually buy a book now! Haha! Think I am getting a photography book...

*15 more days left of it...and hate it....hate that I will have a 1st grader at home...someone who will be gone ALL DAY next year...I am having slight panic attacks over can my baby be ready to be gone from me all day??? Now I know why some parents must home school (NOT that I want to), but simply because they can't bear the thought of their babies away that long...and now that kinder will be full day here, 1 more year until Coop will be gone ALL DAY...makes me long for the days when my boys were so little and this 2 years ago...

and now I'm emotional...better go to bed...lack of sleep is doing me in!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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