Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The days are going by...

A smidge less than 3 weeks before I!!!

Enjoying my days with the fam...not so much lately since we have a house of sickies right now...Joe is on day 5...ugh...and Cooper is day 3 and feeling better. Spencer is on day 1...he recovers quickly...but not quickly enough for our trip to San Diego! Waaaah!!! We were supposed to go today and my boys had tickets to Comic Con for Friday! Kendall and I were going to visit my old college roomie, Michelle. So, anyways..we're staying home now and mama ain't happy!

We did get over to the bay area on Monday to visit with another college roomie and a great friend, Kim!(pictures by Spencer!)
Kim is expecting baby #2, a boy! She has an adorable little girl, Amanda, who you swear is older than almost 3! She was a great helper with Kendall! And she loved playing with Sen-ser (Spencer!). After our visit and park time with them, we headed over to Nana and Grandpa's for a visit and a yummy dinner. Spencer picked some produce from their garden and asked Grandpa, "Why do you have so many breakables in your house?" Grandpa just laughed! Luckily, nothing was broken! Not sure where my photography skills were in this picture...not that I claim to be a great photographer, but come on, the lighting is all wrong...I might try it in black and white to see if it's better! Sorry, Nana and Grandpa!!!
So, now, just waiting for my men to get better so we can get out and enjoy summer again! And now we'll be able to go to Cooper's 2nd soccer game this weekend. Cooper enjoys long as he doesn't bump into anyone!

Happy Wednesday!

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