Thursday, July 30, 2009

summer summer!!!

We've had a great couple of days soaking up the summer sun, now that everyone is healthy. Well, little miss is still a little cranky, but doing better! We enjoyed the free movies, swam at the local lake, went to our cousin's houseboat (thank you!) Spencer & Jake inner little fish LOVED it!Here's my Spencer jumping off the houseboat....he probably did this about 100 times, give or take 10! LOL!and then swam with friends today. Also, threw a small party to say goodbye to a friend last night. (Jenny, Victoria (moving to Clovis), me, Corinna, and Alina)Joe says I'm cramming as much summer as I can in before school betcha! It's no secret that I don't wanna go back to work!!!
The boys set up a lemonade stand, made the signs and lemonade themselves.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer days, too!!! My parents get back from Arizona tomorrow! Grandpa is feeling better (and sounding better).

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My world said...

can you believe summer is almost over????? looks like you are all having a blast, and I'm glad everyone is finally feeling better!