Monday, July 13, 2009

Look what Coop can do!

Look what my little man can do...write his name! He's known how to spell his name for awhile now, but we just needed to pratice writing! He's so proud...he likes to "color in " his o's...I told him Mrs. Robbins won't like it (one of his teachers next year!). He shrugged...that's my Cooper.

He's so different from his big brother. He does things at his own pace, when he wants...stubborn, but sweet. Loves to cuddle. Loves to help! He is his Daddy's best helper! He is a hard worker...big bro, not so much! We love our Cooper!

In Spencer news, wanted to share this photo...doesn't he look like a blond Edward??? Hee-hee, Twilight fans will know what I'm talking about! that hair! Daddy cut the boys hair the other day, he did a good job! Is it really worth it to pay $30 for 2 little boys' haircuts??? No! Of course, we will still take them in for styling, but Daddy can do the in-between trims...and save money! More frugal living at it's best...

And of course, need to include the little miss...enjoying dinner in her booster...bye bye highchair! We're a BIG girl now! (still waiting for her hair to grow...hee-hee)


My world said...

so very cute, love the twilight comment!!!

Erica said...

Isn't it incredible when they start writing! Next, he'll be reading...that'll really blow your mind :p

And miss Izzy has had that same booster for a couple of months as well - we love it! So much easier to clean than a high chair too :p