Monday, July 27, 2009

Sickness is no fun.

I'm back...we've fought the sickness...and won! hooray! Something yucky is going around...not sure where it came from...Joe swears the gym..don't go without bringing a towel to wipe down the machines..but whatever it was, it wiped everyone out but moi! I have super mom/teacher immunity, I swear!!! Kendall has a lingering runny nose and crankiness, but I think sh'e teething, too! Poor girl!
And my Grandpa got sick, too..he went to the hospital about a week and a half ago, and then they found out it's valley fever. He lives in Tucson. My parents were worried (Grandpa will be celebrating *90* this year!!!!), so they decided to head out to Tucson to see him. Boy, was he was surprised and so happy when they walked into his hospital room! He perked up and was sent home the next day! So they are there, taking care of him for a few days. My Dad's sister, Ann, who lives in Illinois, flew out to see her Dad, too. So Grandpa has his kids with him, he couldn't be any happier! I was trying to figure out a way to go, too, but that would involve me bringing all or most of my kiddos...and then Kendall got sick anyway, so we didn't make it on this trip. (I know I have quite a few family members who read my blog...hello! wanted them to have the update!)
So now we are back to enjoying the last few weeks of our summer...swimming, free movies, parties (my niece Pana turned 3 today!). A good friend is moving to Clovis next week, so we are trying to have a little get together before she goes. And maybe squeeze in a houseboat trip!!! :-)
Happy Monday!
Sorry no pics...haven't uploaded my pics in a week...still doing my project 365, though!

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