Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More SD pics

So this is not technically SD, but LA...we stopped by to visit my friend Charlotte and her new baby Tyler (born in Feb.) So happy to see her and him!
Char, Tyler and Polly
Me and my boys in Ocean Beach

Aunt Jenny (doesn't she look like a model?)

K and Aunt Jenny, Kendall wasn't enjoying the beach as much this day!

Now we're home, trying to stay, it's hot here! I have a ton to do, but no energy to do it...oh's summer...the boys are playing and eating ice cream and the little miss is napping...yesterday was our last T-ball game! We enjoyed our season, and we'll be out there next year when Cooper plays! He can't wait. He starts indoor soccer soon. Spencer is all signed up for soccer this fall with Daddy as the assistant coach, and Uncle Brian as coach. Jake, of course, is on the team with him.
Stay cool!!!!

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