Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the Story

OK, so I keep getting messages from people about our exciting day yesterday, so I thought I'd tell the story here....we were ROBBED! Ok, I've never been robbed (well, my car was broken into once), but this was a full on robbery! Joe left our house at 8:30 to go on Spencer's field trip. he came home at noon to find the front door ajar. He thought that was strange, but walked in. Our CD chest was open and he walked in further and saw his mac tipped over and papers from the file cabinets spilling out. He realized we had been robbed. He called his brother, who told him to get outside and call the cops in case they were still in the house! So he did...and the cops came in, guns drawn! Meanwhile, he calls me at school and I flip out! I go and find my principal and ask her if I can leave early. She says yes, of course, so our secretary cancels my 5 parent conferences and I leave...Joe had cleaned up most of it before I got home.
They went through all the drawers, clothes spilling everywhere, my jewelry boxes were dumped out, and our bills and files were scattered around. They took Joe's video camera, an older digital camera, Ipod, DVD's, my jewelry that my Grandma gave me...not much value, but sentimental to me! Didn't take our computers and few other things you'd think robbers would take! Weird...
They broke in through the back door with a crowbar, and they used gloves, so the cops didn't get fingerprints. Honestly, I don't care about the stuff (except the jewelry), but the fact that someone was in MY house and going through MY stuff...ugh...that disgusts me! the cops don't think they'll catch them...we are thinking it's someone in the neighborhood....not sure who, but....the cops told us to get a dog! SO hopefully our next house will allow pets!
That's the story...we didn't tell the kids, didn't want them to freak out! They know the back door was broken and that we had people over last night fixing it, but they don't know why. It's better this way. I was kind of a wreck last night, but feeling better today. It could have been much worse! I'm hearing of people who lost everything!!!! I did bring my camera and my external hard drive (with all my pictures from 2005 to today) to school with me today. Not taking any chances!
Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. This is a yucky thing to deal with. Make sure you have insurance and you know what you have! We keep discovering things that are missing. Our insurance covers the big stuff...thank goodness! And as much as it makes me sick to not have the jewelry, it's my grandmother's memories that matter most to me..not her things...and no one can take those away from me!

In happier news, Kim and family welcomed baby boy Samuel yesterday! Yay! So happy for Kim, Mike & big sister Amanda! Life is good!


sabrina said...

That really really stinks! I'm sorry you guys had to deal with that. My parent's house has been robbed before and once when they were out of town and I was still in town...very very scary!

Mommia said...

How Creepy! I am so sorry to hear that. And sorry about losing your your Gramma's keepsakes. They are just things...but they were your things...they have no right!

Melissa :) said...

(((Hugs))) so sorry it happened to you.

Janaina said...

Well... good thing is that none of you guys got hurt. Phew... =/
Sorry for you guys tho.