Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello, all my blog readers! Enjoying fall? We had some wild weather that swept through briefly and now enjoying some cooler fall weather! So glad that Grandma is home! She was gone for 2 weeks (1 week in Arizona and 1 week in SD, babysitting her "grand-dogs" while Jenny & Justin went to New Orleans!). We have missed her! Today was her birthday, so we had Thai food for dinner here, and the boys decorated a cake for her! Happy birthday, Mom!!!!

Some pics to share...nothing too excitingthose are ffrom having fun at Aiden's birthday is either school, home, soccer, homework...normal living. Cooper did have his first field trip, to the pumpkin patch! With cousin Pana on the bus!

Tomorrow we are heading a BIG Birthday/Halloween party at Steph's! Joe is actually there right now, helping her set up the all the decorations! Can't wait!!!

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