Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy birthday, Steph!

Steph had an awesome birthday/costume party over the weekend...yes, the queen of parties! Of course, it was incredible! A haunted house maze in the backyard....the kids LOVED it! Great food and drinks, fun costumes (loved the Shrek couple!) and fab entertainment. Steph sang a few songs, and one duet with a friend, while another good friend of hers played the piano. He was great! We brought the kids for the beginning, then dropped them home with Grammy so we could mingle and hang out. We stayed until after was a late night for us! But a fun one!
Here's Corbin, Spence & Jake...they look so cute!

Our family picture....not the best!

me, Steph & Steph (roomies)
Steph and Joe Kelli, me & Steph

The cake!
My honey (as a tourist) and me, as a flapper
Some of the kids
me, Erika & Steph....high school friends!

Maddie and my little Snow White


Sally said...

Looks like it was a great party! Was Erica supposed to be Jem? Sorry, my 80's is showing. :)

My world said...

Looks like a lot of fun, love the cake!!