Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPpY HAlLowEEn!!!!

The group (minus Peyton)


My kiddos
Kendall and Peyton, both Snow White!
Another done and over...looking at my kids in their costumes over the years makes me a little sad...they grow sooo fast!
Our annual trick or treating with the Adrian's, of course! Candy and little boys running around happily. Kendall enjoyed her first trick or treating experience from the comfort of her stroller! she was so happy that people were giving her candy (her favorite!). Not as many houses had their lights on this year...seemed to be a quieter evening around here! What about you?


sabrina said...

Our kids got way tooo much candy! There were quite a few dark houses but still a lot that were handing out.

Janaina said...

Gotta love it!!!!! =)