Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello to all of my friends out there! Hearing about a few more of you that are my readers...somebody is reading this! :-))))

We had a great weekend! We "camped" out at Grammy & Grampy's because our house was being fumigated for spiders (again). The kids loved it! Grammy & Grampy are on the East Coast right now, enjoying the family reunion and visiting D.C. with Grammy's parents for her Dad's military ship reunion. How cool! so wishing I was there!!!! My parents are also out of town, visiting Grandpa in Arizona for his 90th birthday party! So wishing I was there, too....but even though I'm here...we had some fall fun!

We went up to Sierra Glen Apple Ranch (near Sonora) for some apple picking with our good friends, the Adrian's. (Joe and Allen have been good friends since 4th grade...and now each has 3 kids: 2 boys and a girl!)Attempting to get the 4 boys to pose together...Kendall and Peyton (8 months apart) We found out you can't actually pick your own apples there....but we did! Hee-hee! The boys had a blast, picking and eating and running through the orchards! The place was pretty, but due to a wedding, we got kicked out early, they only had apple pies for the wedding, and the hayrides were if you are going, call and see if they have a wedding planned, otherwise, don't go!

Since that ended a little early, we went over to Columbia, a little historic town. Things were closing up shop there, too, but we wandered around, the kids climbed rocks, bought candy (of course!) and just enjoyed our time. We ended with dinner at mexican restaurant, and boy, 6 kids ages 6 and about crazy times! But we had a great day and look forward to our next adventure with the Adrian's. We're thinking Monterey and the Dennis the Menace Park.

Today we relaxed, ran errands and decorated for fall and Halloween. Spencer and I picked up some Halloween crafts to do at Michaels, too. The boys are so excited for Halloween!

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