Wednesday, April 23, 2008

300th post!

Wow, 300 posts I am! One of these days I need to make my blog book...

Well, we are doing fine...I survived

Joe being gone 2 days...he went to a seminar in San Jose. But I will be glad when he is back tonight! Spencer is at Jake's, Cooper and Kendall napping...I got in a quick nap today, too!

Here are some pics of what we have been up to. Joe and the boys put together 2 rockets from a kit, and now the boys are just waiting to launch! Kendall is now 2 weeks old, and doing great! She was 8lbs at her doctor's appointment yesterday and already 20.5 inches long! The pictures above are her on her 2 week "birthday" and wearing my favorite outfit...the cutest little dress and sweater set from Diane...and it's not even pink! It's white and purple! Cooper is videotaping Kendall's first bath a few days ago. He is doing great! I was worried about him handling a new sister. He is doing fine, just being Cooper, stubborn, mischievous, and lovable! His favorite movie right now is "Cars". Spencer is doing fine, too, though he has had more trouble adjusting. He is a good listener, but not right now. Part of the problem is that he wasn't going to school every day, he was off his routine. So mama is getting her act together and getting him to school more. Luckily, I have Aunt Chelle to share carpool duties. Thanks, Michelle!!

Ok, better go do some chores while I have some peace and quiet. Have a great week!

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