Saturday, April 26, 2008


...did you get your tax return??? Also, did you hear the tax rebates are coming out earlier than expected? They should start showing up in people's bank accounts this Monday! Oh man, I am so tempted to get my camera I want so badly...but I know we'll use the money for boring things like paying off bills or out into things to do...but anyone shopping out there???

We're doing good here! Spencer went to pre-school 4 out of 5 days this week...and we made it to the pre-school playdate at the park. I put Kendall in the peanut sling and she just slept! She is having tummy issues, though. She throws up whenever I have dairy, so dairy has to go...I called the doctor last night because she threw up a lot, so we had to give her pedialyte. Her first bottle! She took it like a champ. We are using the Born Free bottles...actually the BPA free plastic ones right now, though I do want to pick up some glass ones. So today she is having more pedialyte. Right now she is sleeping in her swing, swaddled in her Maddieline blanket. Victoria took some pictures of her in some of the blankets to use for their Kendall is going to be a baby model! :-)

Today we off to the college fields to shoot off some rockets! The boys are so excited! It's warm today, too. It has been too windy to shoot them off this week, but finally the wind has settled down. What are your weekend plans???

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