Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Week Old!

OK, OK, I know I need to stop...but I looove posting pics of my's a few recent ones, including ones showing her in something other than PINK! :-) She's doing great! Staying awake longer, being loved on by her big brothers (Cooper calls her Kennel), loves her Papasan chair and her baba (pacifier). We are having so much fun with her!

The boys, meanwhile, are doing great, too! Both of them are so careful with her. We are trying to give them special time, too. Spencer spent the afternoon at Grandma's house yesterday, making cupcakes and playing. He and I are going on a date to Starbucks for hot chocolate tonight. He's with Daddy right now. Yesterday Daddy spent time alone with Cooper. HE seems awfully big to me now! It's so strange how your babies grow up so fast when someone new enters the family.

Not much else to report, it's been home and family lately...excited for the shows to start coming back. 30 Rock was pretty funny last week. I've gotten into that show lately. What shows are you into?

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Kelli said...

She looks just like a Brown! I just want to squeeze that little one. Good for you guys making time for all the kids - that means so much to them to know that life will go on!

I'm so excited about the shows coming back. Already watched Housewives tonight and can't wait for Gray's Anatomy....Friday Night Lights is my favorite, don't know if that's coming back or not!

Keep those pictures coming - I need a baby fix!