Saturday, April 12, 2008

time flies...

...waaaay too fast! Can't believe it has almost been a week since I went to the hospital! I am so enjoying every moment, and since Kendall is my last baby, treasuring these times, even the middle of the night feedings...She is such a good baby, too! Last night we went to bed around 8:30, me in my bed with my *3* kids! (Joe had to go run errands: diapers, wipes, toothpaste, all that fun stuff!) The boys get to go to sleep in our bed with a movie on the weekend. So we 4 settled in with Ice Age 2. I fed Kendall between 9-9:30, we all fell asleep, and she didn't wake me until 1:30! Then she ate, fell right asleep, and didn't wake until 5:30! Then she ate, went to sleep, and we got up around 8 when the boys came in our room. I feel like I got some good sleep! :-) Thanks, Kendall!

We have been so spoiled by friends bringing us yummy meals, too! THANK YOU! It is so nice not having to worry about dinner!

So we are managing as a family of 5! And enjoying all the pink!
The picture above is of Kendall with Victoria, creator of the Maddieline swaddling blankets. We LOVE our is the perfect size, and so soft, and so cute! Check out her link on the blog links.

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