Monday, April 28, 2008

Family... number one for me...have to get this new book...The Creative Family...because I want to nurture that in my little family. Both boys are so creative already...Spencer in his imagination and stories...Cooper in music and visually...he lines things up all the time and has to dance whenever he hears music. He heard the song "Life Is a Highway" in the car the other day and got real still. Then he said, "Cars, mama! Cars!" He knew that song was from the movie Cars. That's just how Spence is. For a long time he has been able to recognize any song that was in any movie he'd seen...even if he only saw it once. So...anyway...gotta get that book!

Also, since talking family here, I wanted to share something we do each night...the idea from the Ramirez family...thank you, Rich and Stef! It's called Highs and Lows. Each night Spencer shares a "high" from the day (today's: playing at Grammy & Grampy's with his cousins and having pizza) and a "low" (today's: leaving Grammy and Grampy's was hard). We talk about it, and he often asks us about our highs and lows. It has been a nice way to wind down the evening. Now Cooper is starting to add his thoughts, too. We do it after books, with the lights out, Daddy laying on the top bunk with Spencer and Mommy with Cooper on the bottom bunk.

Anyway...I know some of my readers have small children and wanted to share this small ritual that is very meaningful to us. I am all about learning rituals and making things warm and comfy at home for my family. Now that Kendall is **3 weeks old**, I need to get up and running as a mom of 3 and get us all back on track and schedule. Next up...meal planning...going to have designated nights for meals: Mondays is Mexican food (tacos, enchiladas, etc), Tuesdays is pasta, etc., it will help cut out the guesswork of "What's for dinner?", the dreaded phrase of a tired mama! :-)
Now off to bed...
(NO pictures...sorry...signed onto Joe's account on the computer...)

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