Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday links

Is she almost ready to crawl?
He loves his baby "Kennel"
Spencer and his favorite toys: Star Wars Legos!
in case you are surfing the net, check out:

Have you taken the Break the Water Bottle Habit challenge yet? It's super easy your reusable bottle almost anywhere now. We added a faucet filter, too, so now we aren't buying any bottled water...well, me for sure! :-)

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Green and Natural Mommy said...


I tell my children to STOP IT! Stop growing up, but then they go off and start crawling, walking, running. Oh well. She's a cutie!

Where did you get those Legos? My son would love them. Did you pick them up on your trip?

We are now using reusable water containers. It took me forever to buy them and we absolutely love them. We got Klean Kanteens and a BPA-free Munchkin for my youngest. I'm thinking about buying Munchkins for the older two to use in the house as "kick-arounds" and the Kanteens will be used for when we are out and running around.