Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amy's Book Reviews

OK, it's time for some more book reviews! Here are some books I've checked out of the library lately....
The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule: I was really excited for this book, and it's only OK. It's worth a look, but I was hoping for more ideas and pictures. Now, I'm not finished, only half done. I am enjoying it, and getting some good ideas for nurturing creativity in my house, like family drawing time with each of using our own artist's notebooks, and using art clips as a display area (big binder clips mounted on a wood board), but I was hoping for more projects and more pictures from the author's family on the creative things they do! I do recommend at least checking it out of the library. Her blog is

The Toxic Sandbox by Libby McDonald: This is kind of a scary book, but informative, too. It talks about the worst toxins our kids are exposed to and what we can do about it. She discusses lead, mercury, plastics, etc. It includes scientific findings and those are written in a way that are easily understood. She also tells us what we can do to protect our kids from these toxins. I know I'll be asking for lead testing for my children at their next doctor's appointment!

Eat This, Not That for Kids by David Zinczenko: full of pictures and info on what foods/meals are the healthiest for our children. Tons of pictures of real foods: restaurant choices from McDonald's to Olive Garden (did you know the Whopper Jr, hold the mayo becomes one of the best burgers to get), food from the market (Rice Krispies have no fiber, don't buy; Frosted Mini-Wheats are a better choice...didn't see that coming!), and lots of good tidbits. I think we may just have to purchase this. The author also has this book written for adults!

Crafty Mama by Abby Pecoriello: LOVE this! I just picked this up today and already know I am buying this! Tons of cute crafty ideas that don't look too hard to do for those not craft inclined. I already found a few ideas for Christmas. Get together with a few mamas and craft (this is how the author started out. She has a blog at, but it's new and not many ideas on it yet). go get this one!

And last, A Year Without Made in China by Sara Bongiorni: Enjoyed this book, never realized how many things are made in China. This family had a hard time with toys and shoes, especially. I don't think I could give up the Chinese made goods (we rely on too many things!), but it's made me check the things we have, and I think I'll probably try to avoid buying some Chinese made products. A quick read.
Enjoy! And visit your local public library! :-)

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