Sunday, November 23, 2008

check it out!!!!

Love that this looks totally 70's! (though picnik calls it 60's!) It looks like it came from my baby book!
OK, I found the coolest is's called picnik and it lets you edit your photos...for free!...on the internet, nothing to download! Check out just a few I played with....and you can pull pics from facebook or flickr as well as your hard drive. I don't have any pics on the hard drive yet, so I pulled from my facebook page. But go, check it out!

Also, made a yummy dinner, a recipe (I changed a bit) from The 6 o'clock scramble. I'll have to find their site again, I lost all my bookmarks!!! It was a baked penne pasta with sausage and spinach and cheese. Very good!!! Spencer loved it, too! I recommend checking the cookbook out. I got it from the public should see the stack of books I have! :-)

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Sally said...

Too cool! Thanks for sharing that site.