Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mood: So-so

Maddie, this is for wanted an update....

Feeling so so right now....loving the cooler weather and early bedtimes...7:30 now for the boys!

Loving my happy mail from Charleen...another book! A sequel to a mystery book she sent me a while ago...THANK YOU! :-)))

Loving that I re-discovered the "hold" system at my local public library. I just went down my wish list at Amazon and put 17 books on hold for me through the Valley's library system. Save some money! Now, I just have to make time for them when they come! Ha! I'm number 141 for Tori Spelling's bio...that'll be a while before that comes.

But I am also tired...and tired of being tired...and broke and hoping this doesn't mean I have to go back full time next year...argh!

Tired of the ants in our house...just a few here and there...but they won't leave! We've done all the tricks to get rid of them, but then there's one or two on Kendall's changing table (ewww!) and there's a few in the bathroom sink (???) and there's a few on the cutting board....go away!!!!

And I had a student hit me today...yes, a little 1st grader. The last two years I've had some really awesome kids...and some real stinkers....not sure why...yes, she is suspended after I carried her kicking and screaming all the way to the office. Then I come home and carried in a kicking and screaming Cooper in the house. Man, I have a headache now. He's asleep now on the couch...and my 7 MONTH OLD TODAY (can't believe that!) is napping, too. I am going to make some tea, and something to eat and veg...

So anyway, Maddie, is that what you wanted??? Sorry if I seem grumpy...I better go recharge and relax...I'll be back when the mood is Happy, or at least, positive! :-)))))

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Sally said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! We're pretty wiped out over here too. I love the cooler weather, but it makes me want to sleep the day away! I need to start using the library more often. I'm glad you reminded me of that. Just curious--what's the mystery series that you're reading?