Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crafty crafty

On Sunday evening, I got to go have some girl time and some creative time! Yippee! Sally had a fun evening planned with her friend Jen. You have to check out Jen's blog since she is starting her own craft business.

Here's the clock I made. Fun! (Also made 2 picture frames, but I need to add the finishing touches to them first!)

And for Sally, here's pictures of my First Days of School lunchbox. Each year, I'll take a picture of my kids on the first day of school and make a small card with the picture and some notes from the day. Got the idea from someone on Two Peas In A bucket scrapbooking site...sorry that I cannot give credit to the exact person!

We're fine here...Kendall got her first tooth yesterday! We also had the day off and went shopping with my mom. She's brave to take on me and my 3 kiddos! It wasn't a very long trip, luckily!

Excited that Thanksgiving is almost here...though we will miss Jenny and Justin!!! We'll eat a turkey leg for them! :-)


Sally said...

Your clock came out great, Amy! That was a fun night. Thanks for sharing the lunchbox. I found the explanation on 2peas, so I'm going for it!

laura vegas said...

fun projects! i was going to use the lunchbox idea for soccer pics ... just plopping all the years pictures in there.