Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thankgiving...whew this week is flying to share....
Here's Kendall and cousin Audrey, 1, from Santa Barbara...the 2 youngest at the Thanksgiving Feast at Grammy & Grampy's (my in-law's).
Us! (spencer with his award, to be explained in a few pictures).

Spencer went golfing for the first time at the Annual Thanksgiving Day Golf tournament. He was the winner of the under 16! (The first time they did this award!).
Here's Grandpa Lepere, the winner of the adult award (the 10th year of this award).

The table all set...

Leaving for golf.

What I see whenever I go to get the girl out of her crib...she is always standing!

With my Spencer at his kinder feast. I took the day off to be mommy and hang with his class.

Eating with Atheina, his pre-school buddy and in his kinder class. This was after the fire drill that happened as the kinders were getting their lunches...not a pretty scene!

Spencer and his kinder buddies: Nathan, Parker, Aidan, Thomas, and Jake!

Doing an Indian dance with Rhylie, one of his "crushes".

We've had a good week off. We hung around the house a lot...relaxing. We had a playdate at McDonald's, and now they 3 boys are at the movies watching Madagascar 2. I am at home, supposed to be cleaning, but I was reading the unpublished and now discarded Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer on the's the version of Twilight told from Edward's point of view. Yes, I got sucked into the Twilight world, and I am hooked! It is such a great read! What a love story...I am half in love with Edward myself...if you haven't read it, go read it now! I stayed up until 2 AM reading it the other night!
That's all for now...better go get something accomplished! :-)

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