Friday, August 14, 2009

School is starting!

Can't believe the time has come for my baby boy to be in school ALL day! Spencer got the teacher we requested, has a new outfit for the first day, and is getting a haircut tomorrow...he's all set! Mama isn't set!!!

My room is almost done, though. I have to say, the classrooms at my new school are really nice! Big and clean and new! We have an LCD projector, so that will really fun to use in my teaching. The staff there seems great, such a family environment (plus I get to work with Patti!!!). In fact, one of the 5th grade teachers hosted a BBQ at his house tonight. It was very nice! So, as sad as I am for a. working and b. having to leave Peterson, at least I am in a good situation. Right?? I am sad that I won't be able to walk Spencer up to his classroom on the first day of school! Joe has strict orders to take multiple pictures (Spencer with his teacher, at his desk, with Jake, by the classroom door, etc). I know it will be a great year for him!
Kendall waking up from her nap...
Cooper being Coop!

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