Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week update & Weekend links

Whew....made's Saturday! 175 more days of school! :-) Spencer started 1st grade and loves it!!! His teacher is Mrs. Harden, and she is fabulous! His favorite part is doing math. Oh, and the recesses! On the big kid playground!

I started school, too...and it's actually going pretty well. The school is very nice, my classroom is pretty cool, and the kids are (still) good! The other teachers are helping me out, so the combo thing might not be too bad! Just wish it was a little's not that far away, but it takes 15 minutes from dropping off my kids because all the morning traffic and stoplights! Cooper starts school next week! He can't wait!!!

We ended the week with a yummy BBQ/swimming at Steph's with Steph and the Fergusons. (love my pool guy)She made fried chicken...and these hamburger desserts that kids went nuts for! Made out of cupcakes, brownies and frosting...and of course, french fries (pound cake), too! YUM. She is going to start a planning party business soon...I think she'll have people lining up for her services!

Of course, I had to leave you with some weekend links....just a few, since I hardly got on the computer this week, between school and spending time with my kids and soccer started and lesson planning, this was the longest week of my life. I HAVE to get a schedule going...for my own sanity. Free time? What's that? Cleaning the house? When? So stay with me as I figure out something!

Linky love....

Liking this's a good post about organizing your routine..just what I need...

Have a minute? Need a laugh? (Caution, this is probably R rated sometimes...)

Design ideas for your kids' rooms (may have shared this already....bear with me! Worth a 2nd look!)


Sally said...

Oh my gosh, those hamburgers and fries are so cute and look so yummy. I love your links, Amy. I especially liked the one about contentment, as that's something I've been working very hard on. Thanks for sharing. :)

My world said...

I think Spencer's little lunch box is too dang cute!! Sorry to hear you had such a busy week!

Amy said...

Thanks, guys! Spencer's lunchbox is from gymboree! He really wanted it. Cooper got a camouflage one. I know, Sally, it's hard to be content, isn't it!
Thanks for reading my blog! Now go update yours!!! :-)