Saturday, August 29, 2009

*Weekly Update & Weekend Links*

So, how do you like this once a week updating? life is getting in the way! Ha! School is going fine! Thanks goodness! But I miss my babies....

Cooper started pre-school this week, too. He goes to a co-op pre-school and was so excited! Spencer went there, too, so he knows what to expect. And in the afternoon, he'll be back with his "An Chelle and Miss Diane" (his beloved babysitters). Not sure why he calls Miss Michelle, "An Chelle", but it's also what he calls his Aunt Michelle, too! He sure has lots of Michelle's that love him! He had a fun first day and his cousin Pana is in his class, too!

(He wouldn't look at the camera that day! Stinker!)
So here are my links, and I'll try to update more often. Come see me on facebook if you really need to see what I'm up to...I can sneak onto there quicker and easier...when the kiddos go to bed at night!

Want a neater looking fridge (on the outside)? these frames look way cool!

this is what I planned to make for the dads and grandpas this year on Father's Day, but ran out of time...maybe for Christmas? Photo cubes!

Another creative blog! cute downloads, too!

Would LOVe one of these necklaces sometime...thinking these would make fab Christmas gifts for Grandmas...

Happy Weekend!!!!

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