Saturday, August 15, 2009

*Weekend Links*

Hope you are enjoying your, school starts bright and early Monday! Wish Spencer and me luck! :-)

This family did a no spend month and I enjoyed reading her "takeaway" on the project. She has some good ideas that I know I could follow.

Very interesting idea about kids and sugar. Am I brave enough to attempt this???

A fun photo blog: Momshots!

Back-to-school ideas...scroll down and see the party they threw....maybe next year???

If we weren't renting, I'd totally do this..SO COOL!!!! Love me some beadboard!!!

This topic comes up with mamas, and I liked some of the ideas here for helping your kids deal when they get angry...Cooper is doing a lot of clapping around here! LOL!

Happy Reading!

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Erica said...

Great links, Amy! I keep thinking about a back-to-school celebration for the boys but haven't planned anything yet...still time (after both of their birthdays!)

Love to hear your experience with the sugar thing too. Very curious to see how that works out.