Sunday, August 30, 2009

Please pray...

...for this sweet family we know that lost their mama this weekend unexpectedly. Brandy was a fun, spunky woman, who adored her kids SO much! Her daughter is Kendall's age and Kendall's BFF (as much as 16 months can be!) and they were at the same babysitter's house, our wonderful Michelle. Her son is 3, and just as cute as could be, always has a twinkle in his eye!

But now their lives have been changed, they'll be living without their mama. I guess this has affected me so deeply since I lost my Dad at age 4 and have few memories of him. I know he loved me a lot, but other than that, I don't know pains me to think of these 2 sweet children not knowing their mama. Her time on Earth was so short, why???? Why??? It makes NO sense. How can someone be healthy 2 days ago and be gone all of a sudden? Please pray for the family, for comfort and peace. For her husband, picking up the pieces and moving on...I can't imagine.
God bless them! Please bring comfort and healing!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

*Weekly Update & Weekend Links*

So, how do you like this once a week updating? life is getting in the way! Ha! School is going fine! Thanks goodness! But I miss my babies....

Cooper started pre-school this week, too. He goes to a co-op pre-school and was so excited! Spencer went there, too, so he knows what to expect. And in the afternoon, he'll be back with his "An Chelle and Miss Diane" (his beloved babysitters). Not sure why he calls Miss Michelle, "An Chelle", but it's also what he calls his Aunt Michelle, too! He sure has lots of Michelle's that love him! He had a fun first day and his cousin Pana is in his class, too!

(He wouldn't look at the camera that day! Stinker!)
So here are my links, and I'll try to update more often. Come see me on facebook if you really need to see what I'm up to...I can sneak onto there quicker and easier...when the kiddos go to bed at night!

Want a neater looking fridge (on the outside)? these frames look way cool!

this is what I planned to make for the dads and grandpas this year on Father's Day, but ran out of time...maybe for Christmas? Photo cubes!

Another creative blog! cute downloads, too!

Would LOVe one of these necklaces sometime...thinking these would make fab Christmas gifts for Grandmas...

Happy Weekend!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week update & Weekend links

Whew....made's Saturday! 175 more days of school! :-) Spencer started 1st grade and loves it!!! His teacher is Mrs. Harden, and she is fabulous! His favorite part is doing math. Oh, and the recesses! On the big kid playground!

I started school, too...and it's actually going pretty well. The school is very nice, my classroom is pretty cool, and the kids are (still) good! The other teachers are helping me out, so the combo thing might not be too bad! Just wish it was a little's not that far away, but it takes 15 minutes from dropping off my kids because all the morning traffic and stoplights! Cooper starts school next week! He can't wait!!!

We ended the week with a yummy BBQ/swimming at Steph's with Steph and the Fergusons. (love my pool guy)She made fried chicken...and these hamburger desserts that kids went nuts for! Made out of cupcakes, brownies and frosting...and of course, french fries (pound cake), too! YUM. She is going to start a planning party business soon...I think she'll have people lining up for her services!

Of course, I had to leave you with some weekend links....just a few, since I hardly got on the computer this week, between school and spending time with my kids and soccer started and lesson planning, this was the longest week of my life. I HAVE to get a schedule going...for my own sanity. Free time? What's that? Cleaning the house? When? So stay with me as I figure out something!

Linky love....

Liking this's a good post about organizing your routine..just what I need...

Have a minute? Need a laugh? (Caution, this is probably R rated sometimes...)

Design ideas for your kids' rooms (may have shared this already....bear with me! Worth a 2nd look!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

*Weekend Links*

Hope you are enjoying your, school starts bright and early Monday! Wish Spencer and me luck! :-)

This family did a no spend month and I enjoyed reading her "takeaway" on the project. She has some good ideas that I know I could follow.

Very interesting idea about kids and sugar. Am I brave enough to attempt this???

A fun photo blog: Momshots!

Back-to-school ideas...scroll down and see the party they threw....maybe next year???

If we weren't renting, I'd totally do this..SO COOL!!!! Love me some beadboard!!!

This topic comes up with mamas, and I liked some of the ideas here for helping your kids deal when they get angry...Cooper is doing a lot of clapping around here! LOL!

Happy Reading!

Friday, August 14, 2009

School is starting!

Can't believe the time has come for my baby boy to be in school ALL day! Spencer got the teacher we requested, has a new outfit for the first day, and is getting a haircut tomorrow...he's all set! Mama isn't set!!!

My room is almost done, though. I have to say, the classrooms at my new school are really nice! Big and clean and new! We have an LCD projector, so that will really fun to use in my teaching. The staff there seems great, such a family environment (plus I get to work with Patti!!!). In fact, one of the 5th grade teachers hosted a BBQ at his house tonight. It was very nice! So, as sad as I am for a. working and b. having to leave Peterson, at least I am in a good situation. Right?? I am sad that I won't be able to walk Spencer up to his classroom on the first day of school! Joe has strict orders to take multiple pictures (Spencer with his teacher, at his desk, with Jake, by the classroom door, etc). I know it will be a great year for him!
Kendall waking up from her nap...
Cooper being Coop!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a psa...

My sister's cute little dog, Dahlia, is in a contest and needs YOUR votes! So go vote....please....thank you!!!!! (Jen, I think that's Zero in the picture I have posted here. Not sure I have Dahlia's pic. But she's just as cute, just petite!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodbye Summer...

Images from our summer....hopefully no repeats, I picked "new" ones for you (I'm so nice!).

...well, I'm starting my new school year on the right foot..ha! Joe and I brought a load of boxes to my new, clean classroom...the kids ran around (Kendall found every electrical outlet in the classroom) and I actually unpacked four boxes...the luxury of built-in's is sooo nice. I do need some more furniture, another bookcase, another table, etc...but right now it feels roomy...well, we stayed for about an hour and then got in the car to go. We had driven onto the campus and parked in front of my room. Well, at 4:30, the gates were all locked up. We were stuck! Luckily, there were 2 teachers still there and even luckier, one had the custodian's number on her phone! He came back, and he was very nice about it, and he let us boys thought they were stuck and sleeping in my classroom for the night...that would have been an adventure...but what an impression I am making on my new school, huh? Oh well...

Enjoyed my last day of break. My mom took us out for lunch...thanks, mom!

Can't believe summer is over...we had a nice one, San Diego trip (only, but we also had Monterey, Pinecrest, swimming, playdates, T-ball, soccer (2 games), swim lessons, movies, lots of coloring, train set building, Legos, video games, BBQ's, reading, cousin time, Spencer sleepovers at Jake's, Bunco, hugs and fun! I didn't get my weekly project going..bummer, but I read a lot about organizing and meal planning, so hopefully it'll help me out this year!

Stay tuned, my blog posts might not be as usual, but they'll still be here. I already typed out my upcoming weekend links, so you'll get them this busiest weekend of the year!

Enjoy your last days of summer....

Saturday, August 08, 2009

*Weekend Links*

Happy August...enjoy reading these links!

Organizing before school starts? Cut the clutter ideas!

Another tender blog post about raising're gonna miss this...

Love clothes, but have a budget? Love this site...subscribe to it and get it emailed to you!

Can't wait to buy some clothes here (Sally likes them!). So cute (and good prices!)

Awesome newer scrapbook blog...great ideas!

FUN things to do with your these great ideas!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

get ready...

....for less blog posts from yours week it all!!!! Argh!!!! and I haven't even seen my classroom yet! I will be swamped for the next few weeks. Can't wait until Sept b/c then I can probably breathe a little (not to mention enjoy a nice paycheck)...but we'll get there, somehow, someway...soenjoying my last few days...slept in until 9:30 (thanks, Joe), but tomorrow I need to start getting up earlier. Played puzzles and painted with the kids this afternoon. Now taking a little break...did a lot of reading this summer! Yay! The last book I read was FANTASTIC! Read The Book Thief if you haven't yet...terrific and a tear jerker! It's actually Young Adult fiction, which surprised me. But read it!!!!

I've been subscribing to my very favorite blogs, and now instead of surfing the 'net, I get them emailed to me...quicker and easier....just a tip to help you with some time management. I checked out a book by Kathy Peel, America's Home Manager (her title), so I'll let ya know if I learn anything! I will definitely need some help with that, pick ups and drop offs, homework, soccer, dinner, making lunches, cleaning house and Cooper wants to do karate..iyiyi!!!! Anyway, enjoy the last few weeks of summer!!!!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

*Weekend Links*

For your weekend viewing...
Today's Creative blog: highlights some great blogs

If you haven't heard of The Nester, head here for great frugal home decorating tips! She's famous on the web!

Planning a birthday party or just love pretty, pretty party pics? This blog is the place to be!

So doing this...making silhouettes of my kids...soon...I've been thinking it might be easier to take an 8 X 10 of their side view and paint it and cut it out and attach it to white paper...

What a great saying! Would love this print in my house...

Enjoy! and hey, leave me a comment sometime! :-)