Friday, November 11, 2005


My baby Cooper is 5 months old today! He had rice cereal for the first time today! He was interested, but the cereal wouldn't stay in his mouth, he kept dribbling....He looked so cute, his head barely above the highchair...was it like that for Spence, too??? I can't believe how fast he is growing. It makes me sad to think my baby is growing up, he's almost half a year old! Joe, on the other hand, loves them getting older. He and Spence have so much fun together. Coop watches them, leaning towards them and intently watching. I know soon he'll be playing with them...
I am so loving the fall colors this year. The trees are exploding with color, leaves aflame with red and orange. I am anxious to get some pictures of them before the leaves have all fallen.
Tomorrow we get sod! Yay!!!! I'll post pics when it's done!

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