Wednesday, November 09, 2005

UC Merced

These pictures are UC Merced last fall (look how little my Spence is!).
Tonight Joe and I went to a reception at UC Merced for local UC alumni. UC Merced just opened up this fall for the first class. We got to hear the president of the UC system speak. He was a great guy, pretty funny and very interesting. It was so exciting to hear about the plans for Merced and the whole UC system. There isn't a plan for an 11th UC yet, but the president admitted there should be. He also said that China was trying to pattern a public university system after our University of California.
Afterward Joe and I strolled around the campus. There isn't much there yet. We saw some dorms, all shiny and new, and kids walking around together. Only one floor of the library seemed to have books. It was fun to be around the college atmosphere again. I loved college, so it was neat to reminisce about the old days. :-)
My sister Jenny just got another dog, Dalia. Now Zero has a buddy. She and Justin are in love with weiner dogs. Can't wait to meet the newest Littrell. :-)

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