Monday, November 07, 2005

Mommy brag

Ok, shameless mommy bragging...I have such great kids! Coop goes to sleep like a charm for me now. I have started sleep training him now, putting him down every 2 hours. He hardly makes a sound. Still not sleeping through the night yet, but....
Spence knows his colors now! I am so proud. I walk around his room, picking up things and asking him what color it is. His favorite is yellow. he loves saying it, "lel-loooow", his little tongue curling around the "l's".
Just sitting here, trying to decide if I want to go to bed early or scrapbook. I have been getting pretty far behind. I would love to get a photo printer for Christmas (hint hint Joe!) so I can print out the pics I want to scrapbook.
1 hour Arrested Development on tonight...yippee...Joe's favorite show and very funny! Watch it sometime!

Meg, I know you read this blog, so I put on a cute pic of you and Jen from Jenny's wedding was your birthday!!!! Hope it was a good sixteen candles, right???? :-)

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