Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Gettin' political

I just checked on the results for the voting...Arnie isn't doing too well...shouldn't mess with the teachers!!!! We're tough people!
This election has been pretty interesting, both at the state level and locally. Joe and I even put a sign in our yard for one of the mayoral candidates. Joe heard her speak at his 20/30 Club and was interested in what she had to say, so he agreed to support her with a sign! Pretty funny to me...especially since (and don't tell her this) we couldn't even vote for her! We haven't re-registered to vote in our new home, in the city limits. We were registered at Joe's parents' house because that is where we were staying last election time. They don't live in the city limits, so we couldn't vote for mayor or for a measure that would put more police officers on the street. BOTH I really wanted to vote for. But, I just checked on the results and it looks like both are winning! Go Ellie!
I took the boys with me to vote. Spence was disappointed he couldn't vote. Joe took him, too. Spence also got a haircut today...his 3rd. I'll post a pic later. He is such a cutie, as is my baby Super-Duper. That's Coop's nickname, if you didn't figure it out!
Veteran's Day is Friday. Thank a veteran...you guys (and gals) rock! Thanks for being so brave and ready to put yourself on the line for your love of our country. We appreciate you!

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