Monday, November 21, 2005


hello all...hope you are enjoying your week. Took a nap today, yay! I cuddled with Coop on the couch while Spencer napped. Poor Spence, he is beginning to be at the age that he is scared of things. Tonight he was scared as he was going to bed. He said, "No airplanes, daddy, no airplanes." Weird. I thought all os his viewings of Monsters, Inc would make him not scared of monsters, but it didn't. Maybe it's a kid thing. All kids seem to be scared of monsters at some time or another.
Not much to say, I know my blog has been boring lately...i think I am over tired, I keep misspelling words on this post and fixing them a few times, I better go hit the sack...night, all. Michelle & Jenny, when you get your blogs going, send me your address and I'll post it! Can't wait to read the,. :-) Anyone else starting one????
I'll try to attach a pic of my Spence in his new "fast" sneakers...yes, he still has his "baba" (pacifier). He loves it and can't go to sleep without it. I'll let future Amy deal with that. (Anyone watching "How I met your mother?" You'll recognize the "future person" bit. Cute show!)
Jen, see Nemo? He LOVES it and sleep with it! Give him baba, Nemo and "nap-nap" (his blanket) and he's set!

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