Saturday, July 15, 2006

screensuckers and other thoughts

Ok, so a few months ago I read an article about organizing your life. One of the things it talked about was "screensuckers"...spending time on the computer and in front of the TV. Me, totally guilty! yes, I could be cleaning, organizing my cave of a closet, etc, etc....but I am sucked in by the lure of the glow of a screen....I am cutting down my TV time (I am actually not a big TV person, but can sit and watch House Hunters and Grey's Anatomy and of course some reality TV)and try not to check out blogs every day!
But I have been checking on my ebay accounts (3 auctions going on right now, 1 item I have bid on, 15 hours to go....) and trying to catch up on old emails for about the last half hour. I need to get off and go do laundry and scrap...trying to finish my "Our House" scrapbook. Do you get sucked in, too????
I also read in that same article that "organizing" is the "new dieting". Everyone is doing it and there are all kinds of products and books on the market about it. Here and here are two of my fav websites about it.
Ok, so I'm turning off the computer and doing something else....
The pic is of my 3 boys earlier this month because I HAVE to post a pic. :-)

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