Sunday, July 30, 2006

where oh where does time go

OOPS, forgot to turn pic boys fingerpainting outside!!!

Ok, where did the summer go? What was on my list again? Did I accomplish it? Noooo....BUT I did get Spencer potty trained, part way...he is trained enough for school, even naps in undies. So that's good. Still have to paint the front rooms, but we did pick a paint color...greystone from Kelly-Moore. We'll go pick up the paint tomorrow. You can see the actual color in the photos of Kim at her shower. I loved the paint color and asked Jen, the owner of the house, for the color. Did a lot of cleaning around the house, LOTS of papers cleared out, ready for the shredder. Even had a garage sale yesterday. Just sold junk, junk that Joe was ready to haul off to the dump. But I made about $76 in junk! Yesss!
Garage sales are weird, though. Should I be offended when someone pulls up, looks from inside the car, and drives away? Do they not want my junk??? One lady yelled out in joy when she saw the VHS version of The Birdcage. She said she had been looking for it! Ha! So, now there are only a few boxes ready to be carted off to la dump.
I have also started ebaying stuff and making some moola! I made almost $30 in shabby chic books (living with 3 boys has made me give up on my dream of a shabby chic home). Now selling a figurine and an oil lamp that has been in the box since a student gave it to me about 5 years ago (shhh, don't tell, it was nice thought) have a nice little chunk in my paypal account and have bought a few things for the boys, a wall grille for me, a book, some scrapbook supplies, and am bidding on some fall clothes for Spence. Joe loves it!
Ok, better go, my little man just woke up and is rooting around the doughnuts from this morning's doughnut run with Daddy. So long, healthy snack!

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