Wednesday, July 05, 2006

whew, what a week

We've been so busy, having so many friends and my sister and Justin in town for the last few days. Sleep, what is that??? We've had 3 BBQ's and a dinner at my parents during the last 4 days. It was weird just to eat dinner with the 4 of us tonight. I am sad that we are returning back to normal. I have a hard time with some changes. I can get very emotional. When I went to sleepovers or hosted a sleepover when I was younger, I was always moody and sad afterwards. Now I am feeling sad as I walk by the empty office where Jen, Just, and the 2 dogs slept. Coop walked into the room after he woke up from his nap and was saying "Da, Da!", looking for the dogs. That kids loves animals! He is never frightened, either, big dogs, little dogs, whatever. Yes, he is officially a walker now! We are going to buy his first pair of big boy shoes this week. Time to move on from the Robeez.
Now my 3 boys are asleep, and I am doing some cleaning. Some. I am tired.
But I wanted to post some pics because I know a few people will be excited to see them. The first is Spence and Jake waiting for the fireworks show to begin. The 2nd is my sis and mom. The 3rd is Coop excited with his cupcake, and the 4th is the shot of our firework cache. Whew, we had a lot. We spent the evening at my in-law's and had a BBQ and many friends joined in on the fun. Jenny, I couldn;t figure out how to pull up your camera pics for my blog! I will keep trying. She got some AWESOME pics with her new camera! Hope you had a great holiday, too!

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