Sunday, July 23, 2006

SO HOT>>>>>>>>>and scrapbooking

Whooo-hooo, it is H.O.T was 103 on our way to church at 10:30 and 111 on our way home from the grocery store at's like an oven out there. We are staying in, with the air blasting, the boys in diapers and undies....what about you? Are you roasting, too???

OK, so more of my friends are starting scrapbooking (i.e. Kim!), and I wanted to post about a fabulous book you need to get if you are a scrapper. It's not really a "layout" book, though it does have many examples, it's more of a theory. When I started scrapping, I had to go in order and had ro scrapp all the big moments in Spencer's life. That's probably why his first year takes up 2 overstuffed albums! And heck no, he is NOT taking it with him when he's older...unless I REALLY like his wife! BUT, now that I have Coop, and our family, and our house, and life, and etc.etc to scrap, I am soooo far behind. So I read Stacy Julian's The Big Picture Scrapbooking, she also has a website here. It totally freed me up from the "so behind" mentality. She suggests scrapbooking what you want to, telling your stories, and just putting them in albums that are not chronological, but topical: Birthdays, Our Town, Where We Go, What We Do, Our friends, etc...even for the kids once they start school, have a School of Life album that does 4 pages a year and includes going-ons from that year, not just school related. That is the album her kids will take when they move out. I love it! She also stresses how the story is the important thing...we want to remember stories, not how pretty that paper was. I am working on my journaling. I want Coop to know what his favorite food are and how he loves to climb everything and started crawling backwards first. I want Spence to know what his favorite books were at age 2 and how he is fascinated by aliens right now and how he remembers how to get everywhere (very good at directions!). Sooo, anyway, that's my little commercial for her book. Read it, you'll be happy and feel better about feeling behind. OK, so I am only about 7 pages into Cooper's first year album, but that's OK. I'll get there. I am working on a Halloween 6X6 album of their costumes and the stories behind them and just finished "Our House" album of the building and moving in. So, check it out....

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Sally said...

we're roasting big time! our poor 20 year-old unit is just chugging to keep up. the girls are crusin' around in their bloomers (we just rip diapers right off!), and they love it when i mist them with water. guess al gore is right! scary weather.