Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer TV...

Hmm...finally enjoying me some summer TV! They are showing Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays, as well as on Sundays! Watched the first 2 episodes last night. They look so young...ha, it was only a year ago!
Also, Big Brother All Stars started last night! I used to be a sucker for reality TV. Survivor, The Mole, Real name it, we watched it. But I have slowly weaned myself off of it. OK, I may watch an occasional episode of Real World (or The Hills, the new show I am sucked's not that interesting, but I can't stop watching!). BUT Joe and I love Big Bro! It's so bad it's good! This summer they brought back old players. We were able to just jump right into watching, since we already knew the players. I hate Alison....ugh, but she's up for eviction already...heehee...check it out, it will be on 3 nights a week (!!!), so you can actually have something to watch this summer. Anyone else out there BB fans????

New baby!!!! Joe's uncle, Mike, and his wife Holly just welcomed baby Aidan last night in Santa Barbara! Congrats! I can't wait to see the newest baby cousin. More babies to come this friend Colleen is due at the end of the month and my sister-in-law Amber is due Aug. 1st. Babies!!!!! :-)

Tomorrow is Joe and my 6th anniversary (6 years of marriage, 11 years together). We are going to the Bay area for my friend Kim's baby shower and then a night away without kids. My first night away from Coop. A little nervous...

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