Monday, July 31, 2006


So Sally tagged me...what are 10 random songs that would come up on your ipod?
Well, I do not own an ipod (and that's OK with me, even though I know almost everyone owns one now...), but if I did, here are 10 songs that would come up on mine (from my itunes downloads and CD collection):
1. Dani California...Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Mama's Room...Under the Influence of Giants (know this band! :-))
3. Feel Good Inc...Gorillaz
4. Stars are Blind...Paris Hilton (I know, I know, but I am a sucker for reggae/ska songs...)
5. Dancing Queen...Abba
6. Riley Jo...Hometown Hero (now they are band #2 above..)
7. Jane Fonda...Mickey Avalon
8. Lilian...Depeche Mode
9. Home...Coldplay
10. Copacabana...Barry Manilow (have I ever told you I got to stay up late in kindergarten to watch his concerts on TV, is that weird? Was I just a precocious child?)

OK, so I am tagging....Brian, Vicki, (fellow bloggers) and my other readers...send me your 10 random Ipod songs...tell me in the comments. :-) Get a blog! It's free, Kim, you KNOW your family and friends would love to see pics of the new baby girl as she grows...and Robin, you too, your LA family and friends would LOVE to keep posted on Morgan and Justin's lives....

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Sally said...

oh, adrian would be so proud of you for not giving into the iPod thing. he thinks i'm such a follower for having one! he wanted me to shop other mp3 players, but i already had a bunch of stuff purchased on iTunes. whaddya gonna do... WHY must school start soon. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?