Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mommy alert!

OK, so I am not the world's best mom...though I try to be the best I can be to my little men...and I am a bit embarrassed to be writing this, but if it can help you at any's some relief!

My Cooper, who I previously mentioned can open child proof bottles, swallowed 4 or 5 children's vitamins today. This was not the first time, either...yes, we now store them waaaay on top of the cupboards....the first time Joe said he heard that nothing happens, your body just gets rid of the excess. But then it happened again today, and like any concerned mother, I went online to get some info. It scared the $#@! out of me! One site said that as little as 3 vitamins with iron could be fatal! I immediately called the poison control center...have their number nearby, please! The man reassured me that he would have had to have swallowed 30-40 for there to be any problems. (Though adult iron supplements would have been a bad situation.) Thank the Lord!!!! So, anyway, I just wanted to share this story to help any of you who might be in the same situation sometime....hopefully you won't! I am never buying those colorful, cartoon shaped children's vitamins again! We need plain tasting ones...and while I am ranting, why do they make children's medicines taste so good. My two guys have been sick lately, and have been asking for their medicine all the time! I think there is a problem when medicine tastes good!

OK, I leave you with a pic of my Grandpa with Spencer and me. Grandpa went back home to AZ, and I miss him!!!! The other picture is of my Coop at 10 months for my LOAD class (Layout a day) at Big Picture's layout!

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