Sunday, January 06, 2008


Some things I have observed over my break:

*What the heck is moon sand?? We got some for the boys for Christmas, but it is so dry and we haven't let them play with it that how it is supposed to be? It gets everywhere!

*Boys make great sound effects!

*Slip on shoes are wonderful!!! The boys both got slip on sneakers for Christmas and I love not having to bend over and tie sneakers! They put them on themselves!

*If you let your children stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, it will wreck their sleep schedules for a while...couldn't help it, we were having fun hanging out with some other families at Aunt Chelle's.

*Benadryl will help your child sleep all night. Cooper finally got 12 hours of sleep last night!

*Children (at least mine) always get sick around Christmas! We managed to wait until the New Year's this year, but all three boys got sick this week and are recovering.

*When you are pregnant for the 3rd time, you don't get much sympathy. Too busy taking care of the other kids.

*America's Next Top Model can quickly become a guilty pleasure, especially when there is a marathon going on!!! I love Tyra now!

*This writer's strike better end soon...missing my shows!

*Christmas isn't the same if everyone is not home together...Megan and Jenny, you MUST, I repeat, MUST be home every Christmas from now on.

*Christmas music doesn't sound the same on Dec. 26.

*The earlier you put kids to bed, the longer they sleep in the's true, try it! I am shooting for a 7:30 lights out tonight...but really b/c we have to be up early tomorrow...ugh...

*You spoil your kids when you have a Tivo or DVR....Spencer gets mad now when he watches "live TV" and can't skip through the commercials! "Mommy, the TV won't work!"

Have a great Sunday! Now that we go to church on Saturday nights, Sunday morning is a bit early rush...just relaxing. :-)

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