Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sick..., after taking care of sick kids and hubby, it caught up to me...of course, I still went to work...gotta save those sick days...besides who likes writing lesson plans! Not me!

Back to being busy with layouts-a-day are not happening. I did one this week on Maddie, but that's it.

School has been pretty good. Some of you know I have a tough group this year, but they are calming down now it's been 1/2 through our year. Work is more enjoyable. I do love teaching, so it has been good to enjoy it more lately. 1st graders make so much progress...Wow! Now I am looking for a partner for next year...glad to be going back part time!

Spencer is hanging over my shoulder waiting for his turn to play on has gotten to be very good navigating on the computer, playing his games. Cooper is walking around listening to Daddy's Ipod...only Depeche Mode! Every time the song he likes is over, he runs up to me and wants it changed back.

OK, better go, I need to lay down...gotta get better! Mommy being sick is no good to anyone...and we have plans this weekend...wanted to go to the snow, but don't think that is such a good idea. There is actually a lot of snow in the mountains this year here...last year, not so much. And Cooper has never seen the snow! We need to take him. Spencer needs to go again. His last experience was in the blizzard like conditions in Chicago when he was 1. It was sooo cold, he just cried every time we took him out!

Have a good weekend. :-)

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