Sunday, January 27, 2008

Still here...

...hanging in here...getting through the blustery weather we have had lately...every teacher's nightmare...indoor recess! The lunch yard duty even had the nerve to ask if the kids could come in at lunch recess b/c of the rain...I said no! Come on, I need a break from 20 wild 1st graders! (For the record, it was hardly raining, and they bring them into the cafeteria at lunch to watch a movie, so it's not like I left them out in the rain...)

Speaking of school, think I found partner for next year...she's coming to see the room on Tuesday. Her name is Mrs. Brown, too! :-)

Almost 31 weeks pregnant...geting big! Sleeping is hard now and carrying my kiddos is even harder. Cooper still wants mama toting him around. I have so much to do to get ready for baby K. Today I started working in her room. It has been the playroom for a few months, so I need to move out the boy toys. Her tiny little clothes are so cute! Pink, of course! I am afraid I could easily go broke buying girl clothes, so I am enjoying the hand me downs I have been given! Though, I do have to say, I love buying boy clothes, too! My boys have waaay more clothes than me!

Did some scrapping tonight...been so busy, haven't done wanting THIS!!! I love Stacy's philosophy about scrapping, so got to get this soon!

Well, better go, have some more work to do, then bed...tomorrow is my sleep in day!!! Joe gets up with the boys.
Will post some pics of the boys soon...the camera has been dead for the last few days....need to charge it up!!!

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