Sunday, January 20, 2008


Ok, so she didn't officially tag me...but Kelli did this tag on her blog....

8 Things about your kids

1. adores pretend play:trains, Little People
2. can remember the music from any movie!
3. falls asleep in about 1 minute at night
4. is so loving...tells me how much he loves me all the time
5. is so excited for kindergarten
6. has many girlfriends: Katelynne, Jaden, Atheina, Maddie, etc...
7. loves books and "reads" them to us
8. really good at remembering directions and which way to go

1. loves music and dancing...almost any kind of music, too (right now Laurie Berkner and Jack Johnson are his favs, and of course, his Ramones...funny kid!)
2. loves to scare you by growling
3. afraid of golly-gaws (spiders)
4. has a hard time going to bed at night
5. trying to potty train himself...he has to "go beep"
6. doesn't eat much, but will eat a lot for breakfast
7. so cuddly, loves to cuddle!
8. shy, except at home

Baby Girl (she only gets 4 since she is not here yet)
1. probably going to be named Kendall
2. already has a lot of pink in her wardrobe
3. gets kissed and attention from her brothers all the time (though Coop thinks there is a baby in his belly, too!)
4. will have her own room

OK, Sally and Michelle and're it!

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