Sunday, January 06, 2008

Posting again...

(Don't you wish you were on the computer with a Cooper on your head, too?) :))))
Yes, being off work gives me more time to post! :-) But starting Monday, it's back to work...I'll think of you, Kim, jetting off to Hawaii on Tuesday...lucky!!!! Can you squeeze me in your suitcase???
Jenny is back from her Mexican cruise...she enjoyed it, especially swimming with the dolphins! She fell in love with Cabo. It would be fun to rent a timeshare there sometime...maybe our family could do this sometime...I am wishing for a winter getaway.

Boys updates: Spencer: 4.5...happy, creative, loves trains and Little People, going to the library, watching movies, can be very dramatic (quite the storyteller!), has a great memory, sensitive, outgoing to us, but can be shy, loves our family : always telling us he loves us and we are the "best mommy and daddy in the whole wide world!" and that he "loves us to the moon and back". We adore him!
Cooper: 2.5...talking more, some signing, playful, cuddly, can't sit still, loves figuring things out, loves helping Daddy (he was vacuuming today!), doesn't eat much and is as skinny as a string bean, music lover, likes drums (I think he may need a set for his birthday, though I would probably end up regretting it:-)), good memory, can put his own clothes, socks, shoes, coat on(though big brother still "needs" help), calls Spencer "Bruddy" (brother/buddy). We adore him!

OK, probably should be getting to bed...just wanted to share some updates, I know we have family reading this. Hello!!! Hello to those of you reading from wintery, snowy Chicago! We miss you!
Jamming on my LOAD (Layout a day) class...made a bunch last night! It's kind of liberating to just create, and not worry about perfection or how great the page's the story that counts...I don't think my family will look at the pages in 5 years and ooh over the ribbon used! I'll share a few here...some do not have the journaling yet b/c I need to print it out still and add it on. Started Spencer's "School of Life" album, idea from Stacy Julian again. If you haven't read her book yet, get on it! It might even inspire some of you on the fence to scrapbook. To me, scrapbooking is almost like a journal, a photo journal. I don't do it a lot, and usually only after the boys are in bed, so it's my creative release and a way to show my love for my family. I really want to start some heritage albums. Got to get this book soon.
OK, enough, right? Goodnight!!!!

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