Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today we had our Easter egg decorating and hunt at Grammy's. It's always early because Grampy takes a group of church high schoolers to Mexico for Spring Break and Grammy will go visit Greg & Amber in Sacramento for Easter. The kids had fun decorating, though Maddie, at almost 12 (what? How can that be?) is over it! Cooper wasn't up for decorating or hunting, either. He has had a fever since Monday, and is real cuddley and clingy. Poor little guy...poor Daddy, too, who has been up the last 2 nights with him and stayed home all day with him. He's a trouper. All 3 boys are now asleep in our bed. I am getting laundry and grading done...1 more day of school!!!! :-) So excited to rest and be at home. Had a pedicure today, so my feet are ready for sandal weather, I love spring!

No baby news to report. Doctor said it will be awhile still. Jenny will be here on Saturday, so kind of hoping that baby K comes a little early so Auntie Jenny can meet her...guess I better do some serious walking next week.

Have a good rest of the week! Will post again soon!

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