Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

First off, Sally, loved your reviews...totally agree on those brownies, they are the best! Hmmm, could go for some right about now. Craving El Asadero steak nachos right now, too. Too bad I am home alone with 2 sleeping boys...
Are you watching Big Brother??? It is crazy this season! I swear, it is the neverending version because they keep changing things up and adding people, gotta check it out. :-)

Had a shower this weekend...boy, do I feel spoiled! Baby K is going to be a great dresser, that's for sure. Her bedding is up, her quilt hung up on the wall, looks great!(I'll take a pic this week!) Her room is a little bare, but that's fine...she actually won't even be sleeping in there for a while. I like to keep my babies close. She'll either be in the bassinet or the Pack-n-play set up in our room. We're getting closer to being ready, I guess. A few more little things to get/do...

4 more days of excited! I will miss my students, but excited to be home with my own kiddos!!! Cooper will stop going to his babysitter in a few weeks, so we'll all be home. We get to take Spencer to pre-school. That will be fun (though getting 3 kids out of the house sounds very daunting to me right now!). I didn't get too interact much with the pre-school this year, so it will be fun to be around more. They have a lot of special days coming up:Bike Day, Field Day, Mother's day Brunch, field trip on the train, etc...I get to do those fun things!
Have a Great Week!

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