Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still here...

39 weeks is a long, painful week...waiting...feeling bulky and uncomfortable...getting asked all the time...are you feeling OK? any contractions? is tonight the night? I don't know!!! Can you tell I am a little grouchy? Trying to be calm and patient. Doing the laundry, making sure the boys have clean clothes and towels and things when I am gone. Trying to keep the house straightened up, but my little tornadoes are into taking every toy out every day. Note to family: no toys for birthdays or christmas...they have more than enough!
Jenny took some maternity pics, so I'll share when she downloads onto my computer. Left to do:
-taxes (I have time)
-vacuum with heavy duty scrubber (borrowing from Cindy)
-put car seat in and vacuum car
-put up shelves in Baby K's room (currently Jen's abode)
-that's the main list...whew, checking them off!

Well, I'll post when there is something to share! :-) Take care!

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