Sunday, March 30, 2008

no news... good news, right? Nothing much to say, but know I have people reading this and wondering what's the scoop on Baby K...:-) Including my dear Aunt Emese in Italy!! Hello!!! :-)
Today I tempted fate by heading to the airport to drop off Jenny. 2 hours south of our, I am not delivering in our town, many, many reasons why....but nothing happened! No water breaking all over, no contractions even...
It was sad dropping off Jen! I know she was really hoping to meet her new niece while she was here...Spencer hugged her so tight and said "Don't go! Please don't leave! Stay!" It was pitiful! He's going down for a visit in June with Grandma, a birthday present...airplane ride, Sea World, the beach, the whole nine yards....I am starting to have a little anxiety about it...he is my baby after all!
Anyway, to change that subject...still here, home alone, enjoying some free time before I wonder what free time is...watching some TV, checking some email, waiting....I promise to keep you all posted! :-)

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