Friday, March 21, 2008

Nursery Love

Here are some pictures of the nursery. It's a little bare, no dresser yet. Her bed when she moves into a real bed will be cherry, so I guess I should buy a cherry dresser, but it won't match the crib and changing table. The boys are sharing that matching dresser because their bunk beds match that dresser....oh, the dilemma! :-) I also need a floor lamp and a bookcase. But I thought I'd! The quilt on the rocking chair was made by Spencer's pre-school class. It's a traditional pre-school gift. We treasure it! Thanks, MPP!

I am officially off work...yes! And I even finished my report cards last night. I have to run to my classroom and put in my sub's number and drop off the cards. Next week...but it feels good!

We had a lot of fun tonight playing 80's music Scene It with some friends. And Joe and I won! Yes! Love music trivia games, though I know nothing about today's music. Give me some good old disco and 80's and I got it! Kim, remember playing 80's Songburst in college? Loved it!

Tomorrow Jenny is coming! Yay! The boys have been so excited about her coming. Spencer gets to go to the airport with Grandma to pick her up.

Bbaby K is pretty active tonight. My tummy has been hurting a for a few hours now...but I can't remember what contractions feel like! I guess I'll just know, right? I ate a lot of salad and bread for dinner...

Well, I will keep you posted!

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