Saturday, March 29, 2008

She better...

...come soon or we'll be broke! Can't stop going to Target or hopping online for "something else"! Though I did score 3 white baskets with butterfly liners for her room at 75% off at Target (Easter line). And had a $20 off coupon for and ordered the cutest nursing cover-up. Did you know they had names like "hooter hiders"?
But I guess it is good she hasn't come...Spencer has been sick, though this morning he is doing s lot better. Poor guy! Coop's got a cough, but he's fine. Jenny leaves tomorrow, so I know she is a little bummed she won't see baby K. (By the way, as I perusing the baby announcements this morning in the local paper, I saw that someone named their little girl the exact name we have picked out! the nerve! Oh well...).
Happy Saturday! :-)

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